Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Baby Projects!

Hi everyone!  First I want to say that I am sorry for not posting as often as I have been.  The picture above shows what I do best now that I am pregnant!  You will notice my dogs love that I am relaxing so they can too!  LOL!  I did tear myself off of the couch to make a couple of baby things.  I am finding that I am saving EVERYTHING like my pregnancy tests, receipts, info from the dr., etc...so I decorated this 12x12 tin box to be a Keepsakes box.
Then I made a calendar (thanks to my cousin Katie for this idea!).  I can jot down when I am sick, when my appointments are, and anything else I want to remember.  I am working on a Pregnancy journal that I hope to finish tomorrow if school is cancelled due to the snowstorm.  Also my first ultrasound is tomorrow so I will post about how that goes.  I am so excited!! Here is the calendar:

I used my Imagine for the sun and printed the title on the computer. 
Thanks for stopping by today and hopefully I can post my Pregnancy Journal soon.


  1. you're such a cutie pie! with the pregnancy glow...even your dog's eyes havethe pregnancy glow LOL

  2. So sweet! You should make a first year calender for the baby. I had one (store bought) and I love that I noted every little thing down! (quick and easy, you will need it that way!)

  3. How cute you are pregnant, and I'm just as tickled for you as I can be!!!

    Your layout is so sweet and cute; nothing like getting an early start either! I already enjoy your blog, I can see I'm going to really enjoy following along in your pregnancy!!! I'm looking forward to every moment you can spare.

    Do as you're doing and take good care!


  4. Wendy,
    You look so comfy with all your puppies, which are adorable by the way.
    Did I tell you how happy I am for the two of you yet? So excited.
    I love the layout as well.,
    Many hugs

  5. What an exciting time for you. Darling keepsake box and journal. I wish such things were the standard when I was expecting but 28 years ago you didn't hear much about such. I did have a store bought Baby's first year calender and I did enjoy it. It came with stickers to mark the days such as first things (tooth, harcut, steps,such as that) and spaces to write down other things. ( Dr appointments, weight, length, things we did and places we went on that day). The calender was easier to keep up with than a baby book although I used the calender to update the book later.

  6. Wonderful projects and congrats again on the pregnancy. I think some couch time is much deserved indeed! Let me know how you like the imagine. I mostly avoid mine...

  7. so excited for you! You know... I wanted to scrapbook and write stuff down. My first son's baby book is much more filled in than my second. And, neither one of the kids have a scrapbook! I really need to get on that. You might just have motivated me!