Friday, August 13, 2010

Cricut Can Applique!

Hi everyone!  I finally got my video edited and posted on youtube.  The video shows you how I did the applique work on the back of my school chair (that post was in July and you can view it HERE if you didn't see it then). 

Thanks for stopping by today and have a crafty weekend!


  1. Great video! TFS!

    you can cut it on the cricut w/o the scissors.

    I appliqued for the contest with Provocraft in December but, my post was in January 2009. You can view it here:

    I also have the instructions on cutting the material on the cricut. HTH


  2. Hi SweetSassyDiva! Your site has great instructions! Thanks for sharing!! I have cut regular fabric with the cricut but I just appliqued with the thicker canvas that I used. I tried to cut canvas and it didn't work out real well...but I also always have unsticky mats and a dullish blade! LOL I am too lazy to always resticky my mats. I really loved your project. Don't you just love all of the things that you can do with the cricut?!! :) Thanks so much for your comment and for watching my video! **Hugs**

  3. Great video! I know Cricut can applique but I haven't tried it yet. You've inspired me to give it a shot -- besides, I need to get on my sewing machines; I haven't been near them this year!